General Meeting

June 4, 2012


  • Opening Prayer
  • E-Mail:   Please check the signup sheets for proper E-Mail and phone numbers.

NOTE:    Additionally, we use these sheets to track eligibility, if you do not sign in, we cannot verify eligibility for voting or holding office.

  • Minutes from the May meeting, vote for approval.

John Cecconi motioned to approve and Fred Wallace seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved

NOTE:  Out of Agenda order.  Members from the Youth Ministry to speak about Ignite as requested by our group.

Ryan Zellner, Amelia, and Brannon from the college ministry spoke the college ministry at the Ignite even on August 1s.  Men’s Club was requested to sponsor the Hot Dogs and Burgers for night as well as to attend.  Expect to feed about 350 with about 500 in attendance.  This is a free event for the whole family.  The block party starts at 5:30 for music food.  There will also be a speaker at the event, Paul George, which starts at 7:00 PM in the church with praise and worship.  Linzi Connors is the individual in charge of the College Youth Ministry.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

    Review all committed funds for next year and end of fiscal year balance.

Matt Daigle reported we have $802.87 in uncommitted funds which is less than our $1000 maximum balance.  Next year’s events startup funds have been committed with the exception of the Dinner Dance, so we are in a healthy position.  Fred motioned to approve the report.  Ramon seconded.  Motion carried.

  • President:
    • Welcome new members               Jim Agar the new facilities manager was introduced.  The fair is his biggest concern.
    • Very important to have accurate email addresses


    • Meeting dates for next three (3) months:
      • July Meeting:                    9th
      • Check Registration Date        August 3rd
      • August Meeting:               6th – the first day of school
      • September Meeting:       10th
  • Secretary:
  • Vice President of Social Events & Fund Raising:
    • Report on 8th Grade Fun Day

Fun for everyone involved including the dads.  Rob Howell of Sunrise on Second Street bought a huge smoker and fryer.  Bobby Ohler thanked the organization.

    • Report on Softball Team.  John Barone.

Bruce Ting – About 0.500 regular season record.  Next playoff game is at 7:00 PM tomorrow night at John Slidell Park.  Please come out and support us.

    • Committee set up for fall Tuition Raffle
    • Committee set up for fall Golf Tournament

Jay Badeaux will set up these committees to discuss these events.  Dave Morel will chair the golf tournament.  October fair will be 19, 20, & 21st so we’ll need to avoid these dates.

  • Vice President of Service Projects:
  • Report on Field Project.
  • Sign-Up sheet for Field Watering help.  Now is when we need to begin the field watering through August.              

Need volunteer to do this in the mornings and be done by 9 AM.  This will need to be done a few times a week.  Mr. Ohler suggested working with the Facilities manager to see what his crew can do.

  • Summer Gym work day discussed.  Locker Rooms/Uniform Closet/Stage Area/Bathrooms/Kitchen

Gerald Doucet will need to arrange this over the summer prior to school starting.  Looking to do this in July sometime.

  • President Elect (Wilson):

Wilson stated that he’s working with the PTO to work together to get things done and someone from the Men’s Club will be attending their meetings.  They are looking for officers.

  • New Business:

Southside and the Fire Department will have a bike car show on September 22.  They have asked us to be one of the few food vendors to sell chicken fingers.  There will have 3 blocks closed off and four bands including Witness.  The cause is for the wounded healers of Louisiana.  The website is:

John Cecconi thanked everyone for assisting with the Special Olympics this year.  They asked us to lead the Bonco event next year.  He has eight committed Knights council and 13 Men’s Club all the way out to Diamondhead.

He stated that Bill Burtch is now in a hospital in Hammond.  This is a hospital in which he’ll be able to stay and not have to move.

We sent four students to Steubenville.

The Ignite event is on a Wednesday, August 1st.  The estimated funds are up to $600.00.  Dave Morel motioned that we allocate the funds for this.  Raymond Zansler seconded the motion.  Dave Morel agreed to manage this operation.  The motion carried.

Kenny Pullen reported that his little sister has a brain tumor, so we prayed for her.  She is 32 years old.

Thanks to Mr. Ohler and Mr. Miller for the food!

  • 50/50 Raffle              $82.00 to give away.  Buddy Lloyd won the funds and donated ½ back to the club.
  • Drawing for June Prize:         Young’s $100 Restaurant Gift Card.                Robert Wallace won this prize!
  • Future Cooks:

July                         Fred Wallace        Pulled Pork

August                   Preston Armond

September            Dave Morel

  • Adjourn Meeting      Father Rareshide gave the closing prayer.  Fred motioned to adjourn, Jack Devereaux seconded.  Adjourned at 8:07 PM.