ARTICLE 1. Purpose  
    The name of this organization shall be Saint Margaret Mary Men's Club  
    ARTICLE 2. Purpose  
    The purpose of this organization is to serve the needs of the parish and school community by:  
Forming spiritual, social, and cultural bonds with the members of the organization.  
Establishing a line of communication between members and the community.  
Providing service opportunities to i) assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the parish and school's physical facilities and grounds; ii) improve the parish and school's physical facilities and grounds; iii) conduct fund raising activities to accomplish the club's goals.  
Providing a liaison between the school administration and the school community in order to achieve our common goals, and  
Promoting activities which enhance the St. Margaret Mary community.  
    ARTICLE 3. Membership  
    Membership in this organization will be open to all fathers of St. Margaret Mary students and the men of St. Margaret Mary Parish who have paid their annual dues on or before October 31 of the applicable year.  
    ARTICLE 4. Dues  
    Dues will be twenty-five ($25.00) dollars per year, and will be collected at the time of school check registration or upon attendance at the member's first attended meeting.  
    ARTICLE 5. Parliamentary Authority  
    Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, will be the Parliamentary Authority in all matters not specified in the by-laws of this organization.  
    ARTICLE 6. Meetings and Quorums  
General meetings of the organization will be held monthly in the school gym or other designated facility, at a given date and time set by the Executive Committee. The date and time of the monthly meetings will be announced to the general membership by way of the Parent Bulletin and the church bulletin. In an effort to increase membership participation, all attempts will be made to schedule meetings at a consistent date and time each month.  
Executive Committee meetings will be conducted before or after a general meeting and/or in an Executive Session called at a set time and place decided upon by the Executive Committee.  
Special meetings of the membership may be called at any time by order of the Executive Committee.  
The lesser of twenty-five (25) members or fifty percent (50%) of the paid membership will constitute a quorum at general and special membership meetings.  
Three (3) elected members of the Executive Committee will constitute a quorum at all general and special Executive Committee meetings.  
    ARTICLE 7. Executive Committee  
The officers of this organization will be:  
      A. President (elected position)  
      B. President-elect (elected position)  
      C. Vice President - Service Projects (elected position)  
      D. Vice President - Social/Fund Raising Projects (elected position)  
      E. Secretary (elected position)  
      F. Treasurer (elected position)  
      G. Pastor of the Parish (ex-officio)  
      H. Principal and/or Assistant Principal (ex-officio)  
Eligibility to hold an elected office is subject to the following restrictions:  
      A. Four of the Six elected officers must have a child(children) attending St. Margaret Mary School during the term of office;  
      B. Officers must have attended no less than five (5) of the previous twelve (12) general meetings and must have participated in at least two (2) Men's Club functions in that same time period.  
      C. Term and Term Limits: The term of any elected officer of St. Margaret Mary Men’s Club will be from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Elected officers (excluding the President-Elect) will serve no more than three (3) consecutive terms. Officers may hold different offices during the three (3) consecutive terms, provided that their aggregate service in any one office does not exceed a two (2) year term limit. The President-Elect will serve no more than four(4) consecutive terms. He may hold different offices offices during the four (4) consecutive terms, provided that their aggregate service in any one office does not exceed a two (2) year term limit.
An elected officer may, after sitting out for one (1) term, run again for another office, and again be subject to a three (3) year term limit.
      D. All nominees for office must be approved by the pastor.  

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